2NE1's hit single "I AM THE BEST" has begun playing on U.S. radio stations after gaining recognition through a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 commercial.

According to Billboard, radio stations WBMP New York and WODS Boston played the song 24 and 14 times, respectively, last week. The airplay was noted as the rare instance a K-pop song has been played on major U.S. radio stations.

"I AM THE BEST" has been gaining attention in the U.S. after it was feature in a commercial for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. The song was used to drive home Microsoft's message that their product is the best.

Interest in 2NE1's music comes at the same time group member CL announced she will be making a U.S. debut next spring. The idol plans on actively promoting her upcoming single in the U.S. under the guidance of Scooter Braun, the producer who managed PSY's promotions for "Gangnam Style".

"I AM THE BEST" was first released on June 24, 2011. The song has sold approximately 4 million digital copies in South Korea.