The Amazing Spider Man

On Monday, February 6th, hundreds of fans waited anxiously for the worldwide premiere screening of "The Amazing Spider-Man" 3D trailer at the AMC Century City Theatre in Los Angeles. While introducing the trailer, director Marc Webb stated he wanted to tell "the untold story" of how Spider-Man came to be and make the film more contemporary. Peter Parker's character, portrayed by Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), shows a teenager struggling with himself and his identity. By discovering a mysterious briefcase belonging to his father, Peter begins to question his parents' disappearance, which audiences had not previously seen in the past Spider-Man movies. Searching for an answer, he is lead to Oscorp and his father's former partner, Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill). The film digs deep into how Dr. Connors became his alter-ego, The Lizard, and of the relationship Peter has with his high school crush Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone (Crazy ,Stupid, Love, House Bunny) and how she affects him. One fact that completely separates the other Spider-Man films to the The Amazing Spider-Man is that it was shot entirely in 3D, giving you a thrilling new perspective in how you watch the film and experience it. In all honesty, superhero movies in the past have never intrigued me because of their predictable plots, but just watching the short exclusive footage and trailer at the screening sparked an interest in me to go back for more. The visual effects, actors and enticing storyline all make for an entertaining, exhilarating movie actually worth your time. Even if you've never cared to watch a superhero movie, The Amazing Spider-Man will quickly convert you into a fan. If you're looking for a movie packed with action, unexpected twists and turns, laced with humour and amazing visual effects, search no further. To rekindle your passion and outlook on superheroes, and uncover mysteries and secrets untold,watch The Amazing Spider-Man, hitting theatres nationwide July 3rd.