The Dark Knight Rises

It is by no surprise, that after nine years of Christopher Nolan’s realistic rendition of Batman and Gotham City first began, that the third and final installment of The Dark Knight trilogy has become one of the most anticipated films of the year. But with the trilogy’s previous film, The Dark Knight, setting the standards high with two Oscar snags and a $1 Billion box office, there has been question if the film could leave fans satisfied or if this “Epic Conclusion” could really be epic at all. However, neither are the case. Christopher Nolan has found a way to out do himself once more with a performance deserving of a standing ovation from everyone in the theater. By ending the trilogy with the perfect blend of drama, inner human struggle with good/evil, romance, and back story to entice the viewers emotions, The Dark Knight Rises will soon become a legend within itself and a movie you DO NOT want to miss.

Living up to it’s dark and gritty tone set in first two films, The Dark Knight Rises brings us up to par 8 years after the events of the The Dark Knight. Batman has taken responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent and the lives that Harvey took as a way to keep order within the thoughts of the citizens. With Batman no longer accepted for his believed corruption and the streets of Gotham finally free of crime after an act passed in Harvey Dent’s name, Batman has retired and Bruce Wayne(Batman; Played by Christian Bale) has steered clear of the public eye, unable to find peace of mind. That is until a mysterious “Cat thief”, or more formally known as Cat Woman(Selena Kyle; Played by Anne Hathaway), tumbles her way into town. It is while on her quest to steal herself a clean slate that she aids an uprising of corruption lead by the town’s new master of evil, Bane(Tom Hardy). With Bane’s fire of evil spreading faster than the police force can handle, Bruce quickly decides to jump back into action despite his leave of absence. Creating tension in the city and even leading Alfred to tell Bruce the truth about Rachel’s letter and her intent of leaving him. After a failed attempt of stopping Bruce from putting on the suit again, Alfred decides to leave him and the mansion for good, wishing Bruce would be happy with a family of his own one day. When Batman first comes face to face with Bane, he is quickly broken and thrown into the prison Bane originated from. While in prison Bruce must deal with torture of broken bones and the city he loves being torn apart. It is then when Bruce’s and Batman’s strength and character are put to the ultimate test: What is the true importance of the dark knight and can he rise once again?
Of course such an easy question, unfortunately does not come with an easy answer (but lets be honest where is the fun in that). Christopher Nolan however gave us the perfect answer the story’s conclusion was in need of. And with the perfect characters, and actors to play them, there is no reason The Dark Knight Rises should do anything but amaze you.

Inside look on The Villans:

Bane: Although Bane is no comparison to the Joker’s charismatic liveliness, Bane becomes the perfect villain for Batman to fight in his last battle, due to their perfect compatibility. Bane is a terrorist who was alone with his thoughts just as Bruce was. It even turns out that Bane was trained by the same man that trained Bruce; therefore becoming the first mental and physical challenge Batman has had to fight off in his time. This becomes the ultimate battle to prove if it is good or if it is evil that has the greater odds in humanity. Tom Hardy puts on an amazing performance being able to use just his eyes and body language to convey the true stance of a villain. And although his face is covered by a gas mask that muffles his voice, Tom Hardy manages to intimidate those in the audience.

Catwoman: Starting off as an ordinary jewelry burglar Catwoman seems like the perfect practice for Batman before taking on Bane. However, it is quickly learned that Selina Kyle is much more than that and her feisty, quick witted attitude brings this dark film the much needed sass, to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. With the underlying theme of good vs evil reflected within Catwoman’s choices as well as the other characters, it is obvious that Christopher Nolan intended Catwoman to become much more important than others may think and by the end of the film Catwoman’s character becomes an icon of its own. Although I had my doubts about Anne Hathaway playing such a conniving role due to her past movie roles, I was blown away with her performance. Anne Hathaway’s innocent demeanor was exactly what was missing in such a strong femme fatale role.

The rise of Robin: Although I will not spill the beans on who Robin is(If you really want to know go see it, do NOT use Google!), the rise of Robin was probably one of the best parts of the film. With fans demanding a Robin in order to receive the total comic book experience, Christopher Nolan gave them exactly what they wanted in the most creative way imaginable. And although the viewer may of not gotten a boy in a suit along side Batman, Christopher gave Batman a much stronger, intellectual influence to the people of Gotham than the comic books originally intended. Christopher Nolan makes sure to stick to his realistic rendition of Batman by making Robin the face of a hero and not a side kick. In the end, Christopher Nolan teaches us that we all have what it takes to make a difference, and that a mask indeed doesn’t make anyone that much more of a hero.