The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D

The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D

 Many are familiar with the Spiderman trilogy that began back in 2002, with Tobey Maguire as infamous Peter Parker and Kristen Dunst as his beloved Mary Jane; however, very few know comic book Spiderman. In Marc Webb’s reboot of “The Amazing Spiderman”, Webb made sure to make comic book fans and movie goers alike excited about the new film by sticking to the comic books tales, explaining the history of Peter Parker, and using 3D technology. And although many argue that five years is much too soon to reboot a multi-million production, there is no doubt this is one of the best Spiderman films yet, and here’s why. 

 The Story Line: We are taken back to Peter’s teenage years, when science, getting picked on, and crushing on girls secretly, occupied his time. Peter is introduced as your average geeky student who spends more time in the lab than at the big Friday night parties. Yet what puts him apart from other teenagers is the fact that his parents left him behind and disappeared when Peter was around the age of eight.  This drives Peter to become obsessed with science and the work of his father in order to fill his void. It is when trying to fill this void that Peter becomes bit by a mutant spider and unknowingly creating a villain that would change his life forever. 

 Peter’s in love again, this time with a book-smart blonde: Through out his super power roller coaster ride, Peter falls in love with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone); something that makes comic book readers jump with joy since she did come along before Mary Jane.  Gwen and Peter fall in love before he even admits that he is Spiderman due to their undeniable chemistry, and of course you can’t forget, love for chemistry (lol). This makes their bond stronger when Gwen finally learns the truth and helps the audience believe more in their love. Gwen is a strong leading lady due to her pushing Peter’s knowledge and not being afraid to take matters into her own hands. It is safe to say that Gwen is a a perfect role model by not needing Peter but instead completing him. Emma Stone does a remarkable job displaying the strength of Gwen and loving a super hero for what he is. I guess it helps that her and Andrew Garfield are lucky enough to share the chemistry offset too. 

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man: Many were worried that Andrew Garfield was not a well enough known actor at the time to be chosen for the critical role of Peter Parker. Having watched key performances from him however in films such as “Never Let Me Go” and “The Social Network” (remember the pivotal laptop smashing scene?) I had no doubt that the audience would receive anything less than his best. Andrew did a very good job engaging the audience in what he was feeling. He made sure the audience understood when Peter was excited, upset, or just flat out confused with his new found destiny. There were many moments when not a single word was said, yet I could feel what was going through Peter Parker’s head thanks to Andrew’s facial expressions. There was never a moment that I felt “Peter wouldn’t have reacted this way.” Andrew brought out Peter Parker’s darkness and Spiderman’s sarcastic wittiness in a perfect harmonious blend.   

The Villain: With the reboot, we have a fresh take on a villain. Instead of having a villain that knows they are committing evil, we have Dr. Curt Connors who genuinely believes he is helping everyone around him when he morphs into The Lizard. The fact that we are introduced to Dr. Curt Connors along side Peter Parker’s family history allows the audience to feel a connection with the villain as well as the hero; something not many superhero movies have been able to accomplish. However, one flaw that The Lizard had was his sense of control. Going back to the comic books, The Lizard always took over Dr. Connors state of mind entirely; yet, we are given slight mental arguments with no sense of power instead. Over all, The Lizard being part of what made Peter who he was, gives you a great understanding of Peter’s inner conflicts. It helps the audience understand why Peter doesn’t necessarily consider his powers a gift. 

Filming in 3D: Filming the entire movie in 3D alone makes this new Spiderman a different experience. Although you might not be lucky enough to venture in a lab, get bitten by a mutant spider, and wake up the next day with super powers, you can still experience what it is like to swing through the New York City streets. The audience can feel as if they are seeing what Spiderman is seeing when he puts on his mask. The audience becomes one with the character, making Peter Parker even more relatable. As for the scenes with less action, you are still able to feel like you are part of the story. The audience is able to feel the energy radiating off the actors as they make sure you feel what it’s like to be in their universe. You’ll be constantly forgetting that you’re in a movie theater and not in fact in the room with them.

Sequel?: Just like any other Marvel feature, we are left with a little taste of what is coming next to leave us begging for more. The Amazing Spiderman leaves us with a scene including Dr. Connors speaking to a shadowed man about Peter’s parents. This makes me believe that in the next film we will undeniably learn what happened to Peter’s parents. As for the next villain? I’m hoping Carnage is the one. With a psychopath background and being in prison for murder, it would make a lot of sense that carnage is the one speaking to Dr. Connors in the jail cell. It would also be interesting to see how Carnage would be portrayed since he was created from Venom, which was in a previous Spiderman film. Although many believe it could be Widow, I beg to differ because of The Avengers. With the rumor being Thanos set to be the next villain The Avengers will be taking on, I strongly believe Spiderman will be joining The Avengers since Marvel has been sticking to the comic books. If this were to happen then it would make no sense for Marvel to confuse the viewers by back tracking the story with Black Widow. This being said, hopefully there will be much more Spiderman in the future.

Until then, don’t forget to check out “The Amazing Spiderman” in theaters July 3rd!