Review of UK’s Basement’s Debut Album

Review of UK’s Basement’s Debut Album

After signing with Run for Cover Records, the punk band, Basement, released their debut under-their-new-label album called I Wish I Could Stay

The boys (Andrew Fisher, Vocals; Alex Henry, Guitar/Vocals; James Fisher, Drums; Duncan Stewart, Bass; Ronan Crix, Guitar) hail from the Ipswich, a quiet coastal city of the UK. Their blend of hardcore punk music and tragic emo lyrics have captivated their UK and overseas fans for a surprisingly short amount of time. 

The band, unlike many bands of this day-and-age, has only been a band for a little over a year. The reason for their almost sudden fame was because their wasn't much of a punk scene in their small town at the time. As Alex explains it, "Our hometown had a scene once, there was a bit of a punk scene with a few local bands, but then they all went off to university, so there were no bands, no venues or anything, nothing was going on, so we thought we'd just do it and we released a demo, and it went from there. 

Their new album, I Wish I Could Stay, has had a lot of hype and I've got to say the hype is right on the money. Although I'm not really a punk kind of person (as some of you have read in my Drive A concert review), but I have to look at it as a punk album and all ten tracks were just that punk. Their emotionally striking songs just flow so well together. It is almost like watching an opera. As one emotional song smoothly ends, it transitions seamlessly into the next emotionally charged song. 

Although from time to time, a song would kind of sound like another generic punk song. One such song was Crickets Throw Their Voice. When I was listening to this particular song, I couldn't discern this from any other punk rock song. But nonetheless I could say that that was the only song that I would pick as the weakest link in an otherwise strong album. The strongest link of the album would have to be the opening song, Fading

The opening of Fading is a surprising contrast to the rest of the song. It sounds like it's from a romance scene in an old film. After the two "lovers" say "this may be our last chance", the songs breaks into a punk rock medley about fading. Contrary to the somewhat fast pace, the message is tragic, the longing to stay relevant. This song sets up the rest of the sad but in a beat pounding punk sort of way.

The bottom-line is that this album flowed seamless from one song to another but in a way that took you threw all these emo emotions. On the band's Facebook page, it says "Just trying to be honest," which is a great statement that has truly embodied the album. I Wish I Could Stay is simply a beautifully tragic debut album.

You can catch the band on their US tour with such bands as Such Gold and Daylight:



8/9 - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City

8/10 - Ashtabula, OH @ West End Art Space

8/11 - Detroit, MI @ Fucking Awesome Fest

8/12 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome

8/13 - Columbus, OH @ Skylab Art Gallery

8/14 - Wilmington, NC @ 16 Taps

8/15 - Norfolk, VA @ Jewish Mother Backstage

8/16 - Baltimore, MD @ TBA

8/17 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary

8/18 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes

8/19 - Rutland, VT @ Merchants Hall*

*Such Gold only



8/19 - Quakertown, PA @ TBA

8/20 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Archeron

8/21 - Amityville, NY @ Broadway Bar

8/22 - Albany, NY @ Bogies

8/23 - Providence, RI @ TBA

8/24 - New Britain, CT @ The Hall

8/25 - Framingham, MA @ Chop Shop

8/26 - Clinton, NJ @ The Aquifer

8/27 - Altoona, PA @ Masonic Hall*

8/28 - Wilkes Barre, PA @ Redwood Art Space

*Basement only