Quantum Theory Review

In a dark world where humans struggle for survival over weird creatures called that spawn from the Ark. Syd and his partner are running out of a tower as it is falling apart, but as they are escaping, her fate of being bound to the Ark eventually weakens her, forcing Syd to leave her behind, but he figured his job isn’t done as he proceeds to the next Ark.  Syd is a special soldier who is used to fighting alone. He seems to have a vendetta against the Arks which has turned him into the person he is now. His only mission is to take down every Ark or go down fighting. After taking down the last Ark in the beginning of the game, Syd moves on to the next Ark, knowing he won’t be able to get in alone, so he joins a group of human soldiers who want to take down the next Ark using any means necessary.

Quantum Theory is an action shooter game with very Gears of War-esque gameplay style. Quantum Theory pits Syd inside the Ark which acts like a living organism and fights Syd accordingly. While Syd fights to break down and take down the Ark, the Ark fights to protect itself from the foreign body using its “cells”, meaning the created products of the Ark tosses down wave and wave of monsters as Syd must push forward and climb the Ark to the top to destroy it. Syd will meet Filena, a mysterious girl whose father created the Ark. There are problems in the Ark and everything is getting infected so they team up to take it down. At times Filena will support Syd, but for the most part of the game he is alone.

   Certain weapons can wallbounce...

The story mode of the game offers 3 difficulties, easy, normal and hard, with 13 chapters offering about 5 hours of solo game play with no co-op. The game is very challenging and requires a lot of dodging and quick firing. Headshots give a nice head explosion cinematic. The game doesn’t want to make it easy for you, so they have added a lot of challenges, including a stage where Syd is on a moving platform being surrounded by enemies. The stages also crumble with swarms of enemies attacking all at once. So if you're playing on hard, prepare to restart from the last check a lot point because the slightest mistimed jump will lead to death.

  Let me just take a little of the top........

Multiplayer features game types such as Guardian. The twist is that the selected character chosen as the target will be female. Another mode is Executioner, where everyone else is your opponent and you must take them out. Lastly, Controlled Chaos is where you can set the rules for the battle using any of the previous mentioned styles.

Brought to us by Tecmo Koei this is their first full on Action Shooter, but in no way their first pure action title. With games like Ninja Gaiden, this game gives us that darker action feeling with tons of movements from all side, which can get frustrating trying to snipe enemies on the moving platform but the game offers alternative ways if you look around.

The game has a very familiar gameplay style which many fans have liked since it runs on the Unreal engine, but also expands and changes that. Teaming with Felina brings a unique gameplay, giving you the chance to melee into a 3-hit combo can help you save ammo and take down tougher enemies easier, especially on harder difficulties, as well as the tossing ability really helps in tough situations.

Overall the game is very short on gameplay for fans. But it is online where you'll get the most out of the game. Quantum Theory offers players a lot more replay ability and has a few good games for you and your friends to take on. The only problem is not a lot of people are online playing it, so getting matches can be difficult.