People Like Us

What would you do if one day your father passed away and he left you instructions to drop off money to a sibling you never knew existed? How would you react to the fact that your father had a love child and your parents kept her from you your whole life? Would you feel betrayed or happy to find a missing part of your life? Alex Kurtzman will get you thinking this and so much more with his directorial debut film "People Like Us".

The film begins by introducing the audience to Sam (Chris Pine), a closed off 30 year old salesmen that constantly runs away from his problems. Since little Sam couldn't understand why his father distanced himself from him and decided to never face emotion again. That is until he ironically enough is forced to man up and attend the funeral of his father, whom was the root of it all. After failed attempts of avoiding the situation Sam gives in in order to inherit his father's, which used to be a big shot music producer, assists. Little does Sam know that his father actually only left him $150,000 which was to be delivered to a sister he never knew existed. As the audience is taken through Sam's crazy journey of discovering his father's past and figuring out why in fact his father treated him so poorly, we learn what it really means to be family and we can evaluate how far we would go to protect the ones we love.

Overall the film was great work for being Alex Kurtzman's first shot at directing. Kurtzman did a great job making the situation believable and a phenomenal job reigning over the viewer's emotions. However, there were moments as if the film dragged on with repetitious montages and dilemmas. Not to mention scenes that could have been easily removed to create a bigger emotional effect on the viewer. Just like anyone's work when first beginning, practice makes perfect. I believe we can see many great things from Alex Kurtzman in the future.

I will warn you though; you might need a couple Kleenex and a few minutes to spare to call up your folks to tell them you love them.