“MIB3 is unique from I and II. This sci-fi thriller has optical special and visual effects. It’s filled with action, comedy, new aliens and new elaborate gadgets. It will leave you wanting more.”

 Agent J, played by Will Smith and Agent K (Tommy Lee Johns) came back to defeat criminal aliens that roam earth. Their daily work routine was disturbed by Bores the Animal; the ultimate villain. Played by New Zealand native and Hollywood comedic actor Jermaine Clement; was cosmetically transformed into a huge, wrinkly, bearded, and egotistical man-like monster with a short temper. His goal throughout the film was to seek revenge on Agent K by murdering him. Unfortunately, Boris was successful. He traveled back to 1969 and killed young K (Josh Brolin). His dynamic idea in seeking revenge altered history for the MIB and the world. Agent J has to travel back in time to 1969 and save young K and earth.

 MIB3 is different from I and II because their storyline was unpredictable. Pulling-off a successful threequel is not easy but they managed to achieve this by elaborating the mystical notion of time travel. While doing this, they cut down on their past cast members, for instance, agent Zed, alien pug, and past extraterrestrials. Agent Zed was replaced with Agent O (Emma Thomson), J’s pug was only seen in a mural but not in the film, and there was less interaction with outside aliens because Boris was the main focus to prevent K’s death and the end of the world. The new aliens were either human-like or sea creatures. All were elaborate and well done because the visual effects and detail was unique from the past MIB, for example, the ‘bowling ball’ gangster had an unusual figure but seemed human. This is a common indication of an alien in disguise for the MIB. Agent J took off his head and began bowling to retrieve information. The improvisation by J (Will Smith) was superior because he had to assume the aliens head was there while acting. In the movie his improvisation was uncanny. The head was not overly animated which gave it a sense of realism and that is imperative for animators.

The fish aliens were interesting and entertaining; a huge plus. They were illegally being served in a Chinese restaurant. Each fish appeared to belong in a ‘Toontown’ theme park; making the portrayal comedic and fun. One extraterrestrial fish was monstrous. It’s shark and piranha appearance was petrifying. The writers of the picture tossed in a few comedic phrases, for instance J stated “all models are aliens and I found out the hard way.” Also, he made constant remarks on how celebrities are aliens too. Subsequently, MIB3 is an action film with impressive visual effects that are great for a PG13 audience because of violence and dynamic special effects. For best viewing pleasures, you should watch the film in 3D.

-By Yenitza Munoz