It is said that chemistry between two actors can make or break a movie, but what about the chemistry between director and actor? In Rian Johnson’s new film Looper we are taken into the future 2040 in a time period of city destruction, mafia, and time travel, and if it wasn’t for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s amazing chemistry with Director Rian Johnson this movie wouldn’t have blown me away.
     Of course things can always get tricky and even a little messy when time travel is involved. Especially when the plot of Looper is basically about a young man named Joe(Joseph Gordon Levitt) who is living in the 2040’s as a hit man to eliminate crime suspects from further in the future, sent through a time machine, until the older version of himself(Bruce Willis) shows up and Joe becomes involved in a three way deadly pursuit with himself and the looper mafia. However Rian Johnson did a great job of engaging the audience and making sure one was not lost with the events occurring through out the film. With references to other classic time traveling movies and adding his own imagination and ideas to show who belonged to which era, Rian Johnson was able to take away attention from time travel in order to get his main point across: Time shapes us all and it’s up to you if things turn out for good or for evil. This comes with a twist in the plot that brings the film to the field of sci-fi with aspects such as telekinesis and premonitions.
     Rian Johnson was fortunate enough to convey this message with a devoted cast. Joseph Gordon Levitt ability to transform himself not only into another character but essentially another person such as Bruce Willis was captivating. Joseph Gordon Levitt was able to pick up on Bruce Willis’ mannerisms so well you almost forgot for a minute that they were in fact two different people. To have the ability to perform so well allows the audience’s imagination explore along side the director’s and truly experience the heart and soul in a project.

     Bruce Willis as always was Bruce Willis. Bringing such devotion and passion to such a dark character. Bruce Willis engaged in his action scenes and witty remarks throughout the film so well you might find it hard to choose which “Joe” you like better.

     However you might find yourself rooting for the child star in the film, Pierce Gagnon, who plays Cid who can be charming and adorable one second and chill inducingly fearful. Pierce Gagnon pulls off these wide range of emotions that even scare his mother away in the film (Emily Blunt) so well, you’ll be shocked he was only but 5 at the time of filming. And then your mouth will drop when I mention the character was aged at 10.
     In the end, Rian Johnson did a phenomenal job at creating a story that included everything from action, to time travel, to life judgements and lessons, and back to some more sci-fi. And he did an even better job bringing the story to life with his imagination and help from Jospeh Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Pierce Gagnon, and more. Looper shines a bright light to lead more people’s interest into science fiction and will open up your imagination. Ultimately the film will leave you wondering what are the wonders of time? Is it all fate and what’s meant to happen will happen? Or is the outcome of the future in your own hands, being shifted with each choice made? Watch Looper and decide for yourself!