Iron Maiden releases From Fear to Eternity a collection of hits from 1990-2010

Iron Maiden releases From Fear to Eternity a collection of hits from 1990-2010

Earlier this week Iron Maiden released a double disc set of songs spanning their career from 1990-2010 entitled “From Fear to Eternity”.  Coming on the wake of 2009’s release of “Somewhere Back in Time” which compiled hits from the bands work from 1980-1990.  I am always a little cautious when picking up a compilation album like this, for in the itunes world we now live in where one can pick and choose the songs they like and buy them without the need for a full album (Something that I greatly frown upon), chances are good that if a “greatest hits” album comes out, most people already have those hits somewhere in their collection.  However after listening to FFtE I was instantly turned on to several new songs that I had never heard before.   This 2 disc set is a great addition to the hardcore “Maiden-ite” as well as an even better value for a budding young metaller that has recently discovered the glory that is Iron Maiden.  For only $9.99 on Amazon or iTunes, you get a total of 23 blisteringly hot tracks ready to melt your face and send you back to a time when metal bands were the biggest problem chirstian parents had to deal with.  From Fear to Eternity gives you all the classics you would expect to get such as “Send your daughter to the slaughter” and “Fear of the Dark”  but it also introduces you to newer songs such as the grammy award winning “El Dorado” and “Paschendale” which you might not have ever heard, (I surely hadn’t). 

The set comes packaed two ways, you can get the 2 disc set with a fold out poster of Eddie, or a limited edition tripple picture disc set on vinyl.  The limited edition picture discs has become somewhat of a tradition these days and I am glad to see people are still embracing them as much as back in the old days.  I do have to admit though, It would have been nice if they included a bts dvd or some video footage from the most recent tour.  All in all though, this release packs 20 years of godly metal mayhem into a simple easy to digest package for less than 10 bucks, and that’s pretty impressive.  

Full track info is below

1. The Wicker Man 4.36
2. Holy Smoke 3.49
3. El Dorado 6:49
4. Paschendale 8.28
5. Different World 4.19
6. Man On The Edge (LIVE) 4.40
7. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 7.22
8. Blood Brothers 7.14
9. Rainmaker 3.49
10. Sign of the Cross (LIVE) 10.49
11. Brave New World 6.19
12. Fear Of The Dark (LIVE) 7.41

1. Be Quick Or Be Dead 3.24
2. Tailgunner 4.15
3. No More Lies 7.22
4. Coming Home 5.52
5. The Clansman (LIVE) 9.06
6. For the Greater Good of God 9.25
7. These Colours Don’t Run) 6.52
8. Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter 4.44
9. Afraid to Shoot Strangers 6.57
10. Dance of Death 8.36
11. When the Wild Wind Blows 11.02