Drive A: The World In Shambles

Drive A: The World In Shambles

With already one album and over 200 tour dates under their belts, California natives Drive A are eager for fans to get their hands on their second album, The World In Shambles.

Having just completed the Hollywood Undead Revolt Tour, Drive A has successfully managed to secure a fan base that will be more than pleased with their second album, already available to fans on Amazon and iTunes and is scheduled to be physically released on August 9th.

The album, The World In Shambles, provides similar sounds and themes to their first release, 2009’s Loss Of Desire, but packs heavier guitar riffs and bigger drum beats than before and continues to showcase impressive vocals from lead singer Bruno Mascolo.

Standout tracks from the album include “Revolt!”, the album’s first track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is rebellious and aggressive, featuring a take-charge attitude throughout and is sure to be an anthem for those who don’t want to follow what is considered the norm. “Let’s Have A Wreck” features a clap-along beat and an infectious chorus that is sure to remain in listeners heads for days. The song, about a toxic relationship, builds up to the bridge that repeats the chorus “let’s have a wreck, let’s have a trainwreck” four times, a point in the song that is sure to have concert goers singing in unison.

The album’s title track, “The World In Shambles”, urges listeners to look away from the world’s darker side, a theme carried on through the song’s chorus (“the less you know the better”). “Empty Page” is yet another standout track that captures Drive A’s message and attitude throughout the album clearly. The band proudly proclaims in the song that they would rather stand out than offer nothing of substance to the world, a message sure to resonate for listeners who feel the exact same way. The album’s closing track, “Salvation”, finishes off the album appropriately, sending a message that this is who they are and they will make no excuses about it.

Overall, The World In Shambles is extremely cohesive from start to finish and listeners can find each theme relatable on every track. The album’s energy feels as though you are already experiencing a live show, a sign that without a doubt ensures fans a good time at a Drive A concert.

Drive A is scheduled to perform at The Roxy in West Hollywood on June 8th. For more information about tour dates and music news, visit their website