David Cook releases a pleasingly familiar new LP

David Cook releases a pleasingly familiar new LP

American Idol alum David Cook is back with his second studio album, “This Loud Morning”, and delivers a similar adult-contemporary rock package that fans will appreciate.

Cook began working on the album following the end of his first major tour in 2009, and collaborated with some of today’s biggest songwriters for his new release, including songwriter Claude Kelly and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. The album is true-to-form for David Cook, with the deluxe version of the LP containing 14 rock songs ranging from power ballads to anthems with heavy drums and major guitar riffs.

The album opens with the track “Circadian”, a strong opening track about needing saving that uses piano in the background combined with heavy guitar and drums, especially leading into the chorus. “Fade Into Me” is a standout on the album, as it uses beautiful imagery to describe love (like the sounds of the ocean and blending paint colors) in a violin-infused rock song.

“Take Me As I Am” is another standout track, about having someone you love take you for who you are right in the moment. “Goodbye to the Girl” is a more mellow track, about saying farewell to a significant other. “Rapid Eye Movement”, the album’s longest track at 5:57, is about going over memories of love in your head and wanting so desperately to get those memories back, but can’t. “Let Me Fall For You”, a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album, is about a significant other that the singer has always had affection for wanting that person to allow him to fall for her.

While the album more or less mirrors that of Cook’s self-titled 2008 debut album, it does show a progression in his artistry and the direction in which he has chosen to take his career. One of the few rock artists to emerge from American Idol in it’s 10 seasons on television, David Cook manages to offer adult-contemporary rock to a broader audience because of his American Idol notoriety and does so successfully with this album. Fans of adult-contemporary rock and of David Cook will appreciate this well written and cohesive from start to finish album for staying true to himself as an artist and for continuing to deliver solid music.