Puffy AmiYumi

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Puffy AmiYumi became household names in the states with their favorite Cartoon Network show, ‘Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show.' the duo hasn't been active since 2006, now they are back as they perform in Los Angeles.

Japanese bands have another avenue towards reaching more fans outside of Japan,  in which if you love anime you will rejoice to know that your favorite music artists are starting the trend to come to the United States and Mexico more often.

Puffy AmiYumi for example, two former (girl idols) now in their 40's have an expanding fans base from all over The United States back in April; they had a U.S Tour in which started in Asia and expanded to Boston then Los Angeles and shortly after in San Francisco.
If you can recall back in the early years, they had a successful tv show with cartoon network which aired an animated series fast-forward, Today most young kids know every lyric to the songs they performed on the live tour which is fantastic. Considering that most young children were probably too young to realize that the animated show had even aired on the popular cartoon network.

Going to this live show, I sense the energy from the group and the band members in which they had a remarkable performance. The night went away as each song they performed the crowd stood cheering and singing along to each song. The best part was the intermissions as they talk to the fans and interact with them to pump the energy which is nice considering that the group spoke little English that didn't stop them from trying. 

Many fans always ask us why international music artists from Asia don't think about overseas tours more often and that is a big question, but the simple answer here is if the communities go out and support live shows and support them in any way possible I think anything is possible. Also, add that if you plan on traveling to Japan the government of Japan, is promoting "Cool Japan" to also welcome travels around the world to visit Japan with ease.

 You no longer need to worry about speaking Japanese, sure this will certainly help, but everything is more accessible and convenient in Japan with many languages to focus for the travel to enjoy their stay. But if you can't visit just yet and you want to see Puffy AmiYumi perform, make sure to follow their activities, so you won't miss the live shows as they are fun and the shows are always full of excitement.