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Jerry: What are you doing now what should people know about you?


MEG: Right now I am doing more fashion designing since I released my last music album. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a fashion brand, BEAMS to make my comeback as a designer. I am currently working on the Autumn/Winter clothing.

I am actually moving to London in June.


Jerry: You recently collaborated with Converse, can you tell me about that?


MEG: I love the sneakers from Converse and I always wear them so I was really happy and honored when I got the offer. I worked on their apparel line which is usually sporty to be more on the casual side for everyday use. I made an tote bag using their textile, a sweat shirt and sweat pants and knit items. The knit items were very popular that they were sold out in just one day. It was a very exciting collaboration.


Jerry: You started as a fashion model. Now you focus more on designing.  How do you manage your time to do both? Is it very difficult to do both at the same time?


MEG: The advantage of being a model and a designer at the same time is that I know how exactly clothes work out on my body. But as a designer, I focus on creating something that fits other girls, not just how I like it on me.


Jerry: I believe that fashion designing and modeling can be very challenging if you don’t have the passion for it. Did you always want to make this as your career?


MEG: I didn’t start this career to make money. I do music, modeling, designing and even have a café but I do all this because I know there are people who love what I do for them. Performing as a music artist, designing clothes, and serving coffee all have the same outcome of people being happy. I would say that I love doing what I do and as result, I make a living off of it.


Jerry: What is “Cool Japan” for you?


MEG: Something that I personally think is “cool” is traditional aspect of Japan such as tatami (Japanese mattress), Japanese rooms and Sado (Tea ceremony). I have been taking Sado lessons because I think Sado is filled with great things that you can find in Japan.

What you call “Cool” is not delivered by Japan itself but it is found by foreign people who actually come to Japan and get to know the country. I think it’s important to wait for that opportunity for foreign people to find what they think is “cool” by working on many aspects of the country instead of only focusing on manga and anime.


Jerry: Can you share with us if there are anything new that you have been working on?


MEG: I will be moving to London to study fashion and business. I want to relearn what I have been doing for 10 years in Japan and gain new knowledge and ideas in London. I want to find something that was never in my book by mixing and reversing new ideas and what I already have. I am also working with my new partner to produce music in London. Whether I am in LA, London, or Paris, I am open to learn things!


Jerry: How far do you want to go with your career? Do you want your brand to appear in LA Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?


MEG: I haven’t really thought about that! It sounds very interesting and exciting but I think there is more than just appearing on these fashion shows. As far as music, I have no plans yet. I love dance music and pop music but I’m interested in doing some sort of Latin music. I have been listening to Madonna’s La Isla Bonita a lot.


Jerry: I think Japan is very advanced on technology but music industry going down. Japan is facing a crisis where people don’t really buy CDs anymore and it’s become more digital. In your opinion, what do you think can change the music industry in Japan?


MEG: People always have and will watch Youtube no matter what. I think Japan needs to look at it as a great promotion source and stop thinking negative about people not buying CDs or songs from iTunes. Also artists should take advantage of something like SoundCloud more and share you music with the rest of the world. They need to stop just whining and come up with new ways to save their music.


Jerry: Do you like the idea of everything going digital? I notice that Japan tends to stay with Japan, and so does U.S. but I strongly feel everyone needs to start targeting international market. Do you think the fashion industry in Japan will be universal where anybody can buy things out of the country?


MEG: I personally think that the more people love your creation the better so it doesn’t necessarily matter if you go out of the country. I get inspired whenever I work with new people so I would love to meet more people.


Jerry: Would you be interested in coming to Hollywood and dressing up celebrities?


MEG: Of course! I hope so!


Jerry: For all the fans that are reading this, what message do you give to them?


MEG: Talking with Jerry has made me want to come to LA and do photo shooting and meet and greet!

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Jerry Coria