unwiredtv: This is an interview with MEG here at the Universal Music studio in Tokyo. Let’s star off with MEG, how are you MEG? Can you talk a little bit about yourself to who doesn't know who MEG is?


MEG: My name is MEG. I am a fashion designer and have my own brand. At the same time I write lyrics for music and release CDs as a musician. Sometimes I have a live concert to perform.


unwiredtv: Talk to me about your music. your music is really popular in the us.

a lot of people like this kind of music out there, it's not just Japan. What influences you in. what keeps you driving to do more music like this. Who do you give credit in terms of music.


MEG: As for making music, my partner Nakata-kun, I don't know how to call him here, maybe Nakata-san. It is our process that he submits the demo tape with demo singer, then I write lyrics that matches with the melody. We record the song with my voice, then mix it again, then we finalize to the package. About the lyrics, Yasutaka put more weights on its rhythm and sound, so I'm trying to match with original demo, but I'm also trying to write one with the meaning that is easy to understand. I always want to write lyrics that are easy to understand for everyone. So, the producer Nakata-kun almost always decides what genre and melody we want to put in our music. I always think how I can express myself in this music along with this process.


unwiredtv: Talk to me a little bit of Yasutaka, last i spoke to him was on march, he's a great musician, accurate DJ and great producer. He is very very talented. I was actually given a chance to talking about him. He is really an awesome person so for you to elaborate in actually be a partner with him, how do you feel about that. it must be a big honor right? i mean such as working with him, he has a lot going on, i just want to know with your own word since you work with him one on one base. how do you feel about that?


MEG: Originally, we were friends even before we started making music. We already had talked about fashion back then, so ever since we started our music we have been able to come along with the same pace without having much discussion. It feels like our music is raised to the professional level from where we play it for fun.



unwiredtv: Talk to me a little bit about your album. Actually your new album is already out in store and it's also out in iTunes Japan. Can we expect as Americans to release this at all in the us as far as iTunes in the us? How do you feel about it?


MEG: I also want to know. I hope it will come true. We don't have any plans to reach out as of now, but I already asked so we can expect the distribution. It's all upon Universal Music's effort.


unwiredtv: of course, you are actually, we have a chart that we came out here in Japan. We interviewed with different artist in Japan. You're actually ranked in number 2 in our system. So you're one of our priorities in this trip. How do you feel about being a featured artist in unwiredtv. Can you give the viewers a little bit about what you think this album exposes you as? What justice this album makes for you in Japan?

Basically, in other words she's a featured artist, she's ranked number 2, what messages does she give to the viewers out in the us about her music?


MEG: What a surprise. Who's number1?


unwiredtv: It's the black eyed peas.


MEG: Wow. Thank you, thank you.


unwiredtv: It's not me, it's the fan


MEG: So awesome. I'm so glad.


unwiredtv: Can you talk to me a little bit about your new album MAVERICK. What messages do you give to your fans?


MEG: For this album, well, in a Japanese record company, most of the process is already planned out, for example, if I made a single CD, we have to make the music video with this title, and then with this main part of the song I have to show my face with the lip syncs. There are a lot of procedures or rules that we have to follow in the Japanese record company, but I wanted to say let's forget about it for this album. I have my own theme that is unconventional or breakthrough. I've had something that I always wonder for, like we do this every time but why does it have to be this way. I have thought so many times so I put this kind of feeling in this album. And also like it says in the title of the album, regarding as where am I going next,  'there's no determined goal in future, right?' is what I put in this album.


unwiredtv: like your daily wonder....


MEG: yes, and also including my stance toward my own production.


unwiredtv: Did you think that you want your listeners to express their wonder also?


MEG: well, think so. I feel like to be free myself, I want everybody to be free.


unwiredtv: I have a question for you MEG. The fact that your music is exposed in the U.S., how does make you feel because it's not just only in japan. your name is actually well branded and well respected in the united states. can you give me a brief feeling towards the fact that your music and your name is out there, people talk about you. You are basically a high-ranked celebrities. Can you give me an abbreviation on that?


MEG: Yes, I had a first live concert in France last year. They don't sell my CDs over there but there are my fans who brought me a present or collage of my photo in the magazines that I used to be in, and they also gave me fan letters. It came a big surprise to me. I'm really excited to have a concert other than Japan now. I've already planned ones in the UK and France this fall, so with the same flow, I'm looking forward to going to the states. I'm also interested in being a personality who brings Japan or Japanese fashion, music or charming characters into overseas.

unwiredtv: Can you give me a brief abbreviation about how hard to be an artist, how challenging to be an artist and what would be a consequence?


MEG: My strategy is to never get myself bored. Me being inspiring person to others creates something new, and that’s when I’m ready to suggest something new. For example, in the same record company with the same routine work, I'll never be able to give an excitement to my fans. So I'm careful about being exciting, if any, I'm always ready to accept all those things. I always want to absorb the new and put it out.

I use twitter, and I'm always surprised that so many people from overseas try to send messages. I want to see my fans so I would definitely like to have a live concert over there.


unwiredtv: Talk to me about when you are in the concert, when you are on the sate, I saw the video of you being the concert i think it's really cute that a little, a cute little bears or something dancing, I think it's really nice,


MEG: not bear, lol cat


unwiredtv: cats, lol talk to me about when you're in concert, how do you see your fans. There's thousands of people there looking at you actually wanting to hear you lyrics, do you get nervous on your stage? or i mean is there something blocked off your mind? If you can kinda elaborate on that?


MEG: I was very nervous when I first stood on the stage alone. But, come to think of it, half of the audience may have known me because of the fashion magazine I’ve been publishing for a long time. I wanted to make my own party fun to those of my fans who don't know much about music so I used dancers with cat costumes or robot. I wanted to make it visually fun to everybody. Right now, regardless of the music, everybody can enjoy my concert without knowing much about music, and by setting the dress code all the audience can enjoy their time more interactively. Also, I play a short movie of the mascots' conversation. I want everybody to have fun at my event as a party.


unwiredtv: I wanted to tell you I’m not ignoring the fact that your are a fashion designer, but there's so much to talk about fashion because we are bagging fashion as well. i know you do the fashion elaborate on fashion, what do you like about fashion, what inspires you in fashion because it's a big deal. I mean not only you are musician, you are also fashion designer, and you have elaborations of other musician that are  into fashion. Talk to me about that.


MEG: After all, if you only make clothing you will never understand how my customers feel about my design. That's why I wanted to have my own shop in Harajuku so I can get feedbacks from them. And then I can decide what I should make for the next season. And the same goes for the music, in a live concert when I sing I observe my fans’ reaction and then I finally know how they get excited. I can try something else for the next one. It's like play catch. It doesn't matter whether it's music or fashion. It feels like I always receive great inspiration from others, and it leads me to where we go next.


unwiredtv: Just to elaborate on your fashion. Talk to me, where do you think your fashion can go? Are we able to see it on the United States? Do you think of going that far by exposing it on the overseas?


MEG: Of course, I would like to do it. If there’s any chance, even though anything is undecided yet. Only if I can find the right location.


unwiredtv: Can we also feature your product on unwiredtv? Because we do have a fashion segment on unwiredtv, I’m wondering if it is possible to work with you. I’d love to work with you on that.


MEG:YES, I'll do it. OK


unwiredtv: Now I wanna ask you so we are promoting this new album it's call MAVERICK right? And it's already out in Japan, and so what messages do you give to all the fans? I mean they love your music, they liked the fact that  not only do you,,, a fashion designer but you are making music as an artist but it's also very catchy, it's very dance up beat so, what are your plans next? What can we expect from MEG next?


MEG: These years, I've been thinking what I can produce in Japan. From now on, for the last half of this year and next year, I am interested in how I can extend and deliver the product to overseas. My attention now is focusing on overseas. I want to be a personality who can suggest the fashion or anime.


unwiredtv: Talk to me about your exposure, every album is different, i see this is different view, this is different view and this is different fashion. Do you plan this out yourself as far as covers or posters or is it something the directors coordinate that tells how you need to dress?


MEG: Every time, I choose my own crew: hair-make, hair-stylist, photographer, and design director. I change the team on each project. The bottom line is I love directing. So, I even use the creators who are not well known when they have something interesting. I welcome them to my team. I'll be glad if they grow up in the team as well.


unwiredtv: Actually speaking about the whole cover album and music and fashion this totally changes my mind now, I mean I get to know you more as we're doing this interview I really had ahm, my expectations are pretty much medium because I wasn’t really to sure what to expect from you as an artist but I’ve listened to your music myself, I'm following you, I totally respect you, but ranks to, i have 3 ranks on fashion, you are basically one big package you as an artist, you are the designer, you are into fashion, you basically rank to me, I would rank you number 1st, first place from lady gaga, lady gaga is second and you'd be first. Only because the fact that you know what you are doing, you have that direction, lady gaga has the same mentality except that she has more focus in music rather than her fashion and it's a little bit, in and in my opinion it's more i really like your fashion, so I think we are gonna start working more together which I’m excited.


MEG: I'm so glad to hear, thank you.


unwiredtv: can you talk a little bit about of right now since we are closing up, anything else you should tell the messages to the viewers as far as what you expect, what you want them to check out right now, what your preferences are in terms of your music?


MEG: Of course you can find my CD in Japan, but (because none of her CD is sold in other countries) I'm really surprised the fact that my music reaches out to the people overseas. So I hope you can download my music in the U.S. iTunes like you would do in the Japanese iTunes in the future. Also, in the Japanese iTunes, there was a song of a music producer who lives in NY right next to my banner, which later I invited him to Japan from NY where he does his own music as the Shanghai Restoration to record the Journey together. Because, everybody says he is good. I feel so much inspiration from meeting with new creators with such a little opportunity, so I want to seek out those unexplored artists or those who lives overseas to work with. I'm also inspired by the comments or messages from my fans, so I want to go forward more with lots of fun. And, my best album will be out on September 29th. This one will be released with three choices of availability: regular CD, CD with T-shirt and photo booklet or posters, and the one with two CDs. It will come out like a small toy box (that she designed). I hope we can produce more opportunities for everybody to see my product in their hands, of course in overseas as well.


unwiredtv: Can you talk more about the artist in NY?


MEG: His song was released only in Japan iTunes, but there was no CD available. I checked out the Amazon Japan, but there was still no CD. I eventually had to look for Amazon USA to buy his CD, and I really liked his music. That's why I invited him.


unwiredtv: How about the toy box?


MEG: I'm still working on it.


unwiredtv: I understand. I got 3 more questions and we are done. We wanna personally invite you to come over to the states, and we wanna personally keep working with you in terms of what it is to be behind MEG, and behind the scenes, so what do you think about that, is that something that you'd be interested in with unwiredtv or just give us a thoughts?


MEG: Of course, I'll go at the end of this year. I will have free time around then, or November.


unwiredtv: Ok, we can definitely want to have you in the show, and you know if we can elaborate the work with universal to have you come out, we'd love to have you there and give the biggest support in LA, we definitely love you out there, so we should definitely work together. And that closes up our interview, for more information check out MEG's website at or log in to our website. we will definitely work with meg going forward, this was Jerry and Shunsuke doing the interpretations and we are out.