T: I’m Toshiko Koshijima from Capsule and am a vocal.

Y: I’m doing the rest of all (producer) for Capsule. My name is Yasutaka Nakata.













J: I’m here with Capsule, with Toshiko and Yasutaka Nakata, producer of…obviously you all know him with huh… he does a lot of productions with Perfume as well as MEG and as well as Capsule and he is also doing the movie sound track for Liar Game. We are going to get started here in Tokyo, Japan 2012.

So the first question is… Talk to me about the new album. What’s the inspiration and what did you come up with this concept for Capsule?

Y: Well, I basically don’t have a particular concept whenever I create music. I make music albums based on whatever I feel every time, and the concept just comes up with it. While creating music albums I kind of start seeing how it is going to be. I’ve been making albums just like that and of course this time too.


J: Ask for Toshiko. I just wanted to say that what is the inspiration in terms of getting influenced by this album compared to the last album?

T: The basic has never changed; however, I deliberately tried to sing the best I could as if creating the best sound of me.


 J: So this year, you have been really busy, Yasutaka, in terms of making not only Capsule but also the other productions like Liar Game sound track and as well as other projects. Can you elaborate little bit more about those projects? Can you talk to me more about the project, please?

Y: Well, I’ve been working on Perfume as usual and of course on Capsule too. Beside that, I had an offer to create the sound track for the movie “Liar Game” last year, so I had been working on that. By the way, the movie was released this Spring. From last year, I’ve been working on a new artist called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and been writing songs and creating music for her new singles and albums these days.


J: I wanted to go over the songs for Capsule for the new album “STEREO WROXXX.” I wanted to talk about Transparent. Such a beautiful song that it’s made very clear and I mean it touches personally me, for myself, it touches my feeling the way that I’ve never felt before. So I wanted to know that what inspire her to make it sound like that for Toshiko how she sings it.

T: I guess at the time of recording I felt that the melody of this song was kind of simple, so I tried to keep it as straightforward and avoid doing any unnecessary thing.


J: In terms of this album, Yasutaka. “STEREO WORXXX”, this is another new Capsule album. I notice that you always release albums every March. Is that something you planned to do every time in the future? Or is it something that you just like to make new music throughout the year so fans can keep listening to new album from Capsule?

Y: Actually, it just happened to be in March. We could have released it earlier or later; we can basically release songs and albums anytime. However, there was a movie released around the same time, so we just made it at the same time. Just like that, it happened in March. Well, movies and other projects of course do care about the timing of release just like we do; we, Capsule, always try to release anything we produced in good time. However, I do many other projects other than Capsule, so I have things that I can do for Capsule but not for others and vice versa… You know, it’s just like “balance” and we get bored when we do the same thing over and over. Therefore, in terms of Capsule’s timing of releasing new songs and albums are merely depending on us, whatever and whenever we feel like it. We don’t make a routine. But my cycle of releasing a new song or album just happened to be about once a year now, and I guess it perhaps is around March.


J: Another question for Yaustaka. What inspires you to be yourself? How do you find yourself to be yourself because everyday is challenge in this music business and it’s not easy especially in the Japanese entertainment in such position that you are right now, you are very respected producer and director in terms of what you want to do in your business. So, I really admire you and I really respect you and you are always in my thought in terms of unWIREDTV. We always try to fly over here just to specially see you. So, talk to me little bit about that.

Y: I’ve done a lot of projects and solo works including sound tracks as well as Capsule. If one creates music that has meaning to it, one won’t feel stress making music, and that can be one of the reasons I am producing music and keep doing it. I believe that I’ve been creating and songs and music that fit the occasion with relevant names, so I feel it is kind of easy and comfortable making music now.


J: Toshiko, you’ve known Yasutaka the longest time. How do you define yourself being next to not only a friend of yours but also a great producer and, you know, he gives you to be the lead for Capsule because you are singing all the time and your music is always beautiful. I think that your voice is perfect for Capsule. So, can you please talk to me little bit about that?

T: It’s a hard question… It’s been more than 10 years since I started to work with Nakata-kun… hmm… it’s kind of hard to explain, you know. He has been working on many things as he is in high demand, and I’ve been watching him by the side. Since we get along for such a long time, I basically do things that I enjoy but don’t do anything that I don’t want or feel like it, so we should look joyful as we basically do things that only we enjoy together (Laughter). It’s a hard question (Laughter). I’m sure we enjoy a lot, though.


J: So the next question is… Yasutaka, you are right now,,, I barely find it out about the person, this artist called, forgive me if I make mistake but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I’ve seen the music video and I’m very impressed how this music video is produced and the sound of the song. It just makes me feel like wow I can tell this is Yasutaka producing it because it is such a flawless “swag.” So talk to me about this new swag you have for this new artist.

Y: Well, as to Kyary… this is what I always wanted to do and thought about design and plot for the last 10 years or so. It is based on everything happened when I was about the same age as she is now—things like the famous general stores in Harajuku where I used to go and like people who used to work at the stores as well as people I had met in events nearby Harajuku area after I started to live in Tokyo. I’ve been working with such old friends who have the similar tastes and interests, and we put those tastes and the old memories altogether to create a character “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.” The guy used to work at the general store in Harajuku is the one who creates all the promotion video settings from Kyary’s Debut song “PONPON PON” to her recent single “Candy Candy.” I guess you may feel that she comes out all the sudden, so some people may think that I produce and create pretty much everything for her, but it actually is not; there is history behind it. You may watch the promotion video as completed form; however, the history behind it is more interesting. Harajuku is a keyword of all, so when you watch the videos, you might want to compare and check it out with Harajuku things such as stores and shops. You will probably find it interesting because they are somewhat related. Thus, I really think we are good and interesting team to work together.


J: So the next question is little hard to talk about, but I do want to talk about it because it is reality and we are living in the world that things happen. How do you guys cope with the disaster in March 11th and how do you guys make the crowd be easy about the disaster that, you know, life still goes on. How do you guys do that because it is such a hard thing to do?

T: Well… there are few people close to us had been victims, you know. However, I think things toward the disaster as Capsule, all we have to do is to create music which make people feel joy and comfortable, and we hope that it can be one of the items for them to make them feel better.

Y: hmm… my music itself is not really to deliver messages but is just an entertainment to get away from reality. Therefore, I guess what I should do is not to change… I mean I should keep being myself and keep doing whatever I always do.


J: So, next question I have for Yasutaka is… You always do a DJ set by yourself. Is that a plan most of the time or do you plan to always mix little bit of Capsule music or is it just Dee Jaying,,, what is it that you prefer the most in your opinion? Because I don’t really understand too much about it so I’d like to get for the fans of unWIREDTV and the fans in the United States to kind of understand where you are at this moment because today you are playing DJ set so,,, it’s not for Capsule right!? It’s just as a DJ set. So for the fans, they would like to know little bit more about that. Can you please talk to us about that please?

Y: I think being DJ is actually just to have fun or rather just playing for fun. Having said that, I mean by playing just for fun is different from live shows or concerts, it’s not really like I’m the one who provides everything like sound and music from the stage. Actually, I have had so many conversations with people at nightclubs and learned many things from them. So, being a DJ is one of the ways to gather knowledge and information. Of course, I normally make music for Capsule, and it is the main activity though.


J: It might sound little bit too ignorant to say this question but you have to pick one song from this album, Yasutaka and Toshiko. What song would be that is your favorite and why.

T: My favorite is the 5th song, which is the theme song for Liar Game. I really love all of them, but this song is the one which I think I had the most difficulty and troubles during recording, so you know, I just feel like I want everyone to care the most.

Y: Well, I would say the last song. I feel kind of weird saying this myself, but every time I have an interview, everyone says that the last song is great. Actually, I cannot really choose my favorite, but having been told this by others at every interview, I feel like I kind of start to think “this is it,” you know. (Laughter)  


J: So, I’ve seen you performed in live, Toshiko, and big festival in Japan. And I see how you excite the crowd. What kind of energy you get while you do this and what goes through your mind when you see many people dancing to your emotions while you are singing? Talk to me about that.

T: You know, I’m purely having fun. So just like I do, I want everyone to have fun, and after the party, I want everyone to feel tired. I always do my best to have fun till I’m exhausted, you know.


J: For Yasutaka, my question to you is… How did you get so attached to Liar Game and what was the concept about that? Because every time Liar Game comes up with the sound track, you are the main producer of this sound track which is such an honor because it’s such a big deal in Japan, so talk to me little bit more about that.

Y: Well, this is not my first time making the sound track for Liar Game. I remember when the first series of Liar Game drama begun, I had variety of comments and evaluations on my music from various people more than I expected, and from that I learned my music has many ways to be heard by others. My music was used to be like Capsule sound, you know it’s kind of hard to explain, but there is no request and making it all by myself from scratch. However, I now begin to think about an image and plot that the opportunity to get into music is often not in the music. Just like this event tonight, people come tonight may probably be not the ones who have my CDs; they might be invited by their friends and ended up meeting my music tonight. You know, watching drama on TV for example, you may want to watch it because you like one of the actors in the drama. Just like that, there are so many triggers or elements that make you get into something. Thus, for me, making a sound track is like I’m playing in a game trying to capture people’s interest and attention to my music. So, although there are many genre of music, of which a sound track becomes one of my important genre for me.


J: I have a challenge to tell you guys. In Los Angeles and all the United States, it’s such a demand for Capsule to appear Los Angeles. unWIRED personally would love to invite you guys. With that being said, if you guys accept the invitation to go to Los Angeles and hopefully maybe play some kind of show in Los Angeles. That’s even possible. Do you guys ever think about going to the United States and making some kind of performance for the viewers out there? They love you guys so much so if you can tell to the viewers, please.

T: I have a feeling that I want to go overseas and various places as long as I have a chance to go.

Y: Well, I haven’t really gone overseas yet. I don’t know how it is going to be, but as long as there is an offer for us to go abroad, I’m sure I will consider it.


J: I’ve run into a situation where I interview Tom Cruise, I’ve interview people like Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and here in Japan, obviously FUNKY MONKEY BABYS and other artists, but no one sets me better than like Capsule the most. Every time I go to Japan, I always have to make sure let’s see if we have an interview with Capsule then I will make sure to go to Japan, and the rest of the groups I really can care less.

Y&T: Wow, we’re glad to hear that! (Laughter)


J: So now, we are closing off with any final words or any message that you would like to talk to unWIREDTV and all the fans out there that love you and support you and… Thanks God iTunes! Now we can get to download new iTunes not only in Japan but also in the U.S. So how was that for you guys that iTunes already release for Capsule in the U.S. Can you talk to me little bit about that please?

T: Well, it’s kind of hard to image in the past and is not really a dream, but I’m really glad and happy that not only Japanese but also many people from various countries listen to our music. I’m sure we will be making sound and music at our own pace and of course enjoy producing them, so I want you all to enjoy listening to it and want you to come to our live show as much as you can.

Y: I kind of feel funny that people from places I’ve never been before know my music. The good news is that we can buy music through such a way as iTune nowadays. I didn’t really mean to make music for people worldwide, but I’m really excited that there are many people from overseas interested in my music. So, you know I really feel that I’m enjoying making music and I’m really looking forward to it.


J: I actually have one question. I actually wanted to tell you guys this personally that’s why I’m glad that Toshiko is here and Yasutaka is here. Last uh, two years ago, I sat with the producer and the director for Tron Legacy. I had an honor to talk to Daft Punk; however, I actually talk to the producer for Tron Legacy and he had said why don’t we talk to these guys to make the second sound track for Tron Legacy? Because they are making Tron Legacy 2, so how would you guys feel if you guys got involved with Tron Legacy? Because the first one was the Daft Punk, so now this one is going to be… they are interested in talking to YAHAMA production to see how they can get you guys involved. How do you guys feel about that?

Y: … well, isn’t it obvious that we should do it… right!? (Laughter)

T: Let’s DO IT!

J: You hear that first guys with unWIREDTV so there are a lot of things to talk about Capsule but unfortunately we only have a couple of more minutes so anything else that I missed out in the interview that you guys want to give across the viewers in the United States? Personally, for me, I will bring you guys to Los Angeles, I will have to talk to Kouichi for maybe an interview between phone for a couple of hours but definitely I want to get you guys out there, totally believe in your music, love your music and I personally believe in your music. I personally don’t fly here all the time but when I do, it’s a privilege and an honor to actually talk to you, Yasutaka, and I’ve talked to you many times and I’m always excited to see you. And as for you, Toshiko, it’s my first time actually meeting you but I’m really excited that I feel like I just won a million dollars. Your music is awesome. Keep doing what you do. unWIREDTV, we are out.

T: Thank you very much.

J: DOUITASHIMASHITE. (“You are welcome” in Japanese)

J: Is there anything else that you want to say?

Y&T: No, we are all good.