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unWIREDTV is a media company dedicated to giving viewers pure industry entertainment and up to the minute news on music, movies, video games, anime, and pop culture.

We are here to celebrate the lifestyle and culture of our young and free- spirited viewers. By covering young and aspiring artists in all spectrums of entertainment, unWIREDTV defines itself as a medium for pure inspiration and knowledge by transcending traditional forms of derailed coverage.

We breathe Entertainment. Our dedication is to give you, the viewer, an untouched and fresh perspective of the culture that gives life around the nation; a culture that is YOU!



  • Jerry Renji Coria Producer & Director (USA)
  • Nishi-kenProducer & Director (JAPAN)
  • JIN HSB Producer & Director (JAPAN)
  • Sara Hunter Public Relations 
  • Rick ChavezPhotography/Promotion 
  • Ernesto Coria Creative Director (ESPANOL)

The following persons listed here are authorized as Official Journalist, Photographer, Videogrpaher or Graphic Designer for unWIREDTV and any organization affiliated with ZERO CORE. Any person NOT listed is NOT authorized as a press agent in any manner for unWIREDTV, If there are any questions, or suspected violation of this policy, please contact: information@un-wiredtv.com

  • Yumi Iwata Photo / writer
  • Emily Rose Morrison Writer
  • Amber Zhai Writer
  • James Delhauer Writer/ Editor
  • Joe Denman Videographer/ Editor
  • Ryu Tanaka Graphics Designer


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